It's not an unshakable belief in your inherent worth
...Tom Bombadil? Haha... Just kidding! You are enough.
Be your first love

June 2021

Read on to find the love(!) that Saraswati has for the people who judge her clothes sizes
Do you believe it's ever okay to describe or refer to someone based on their appearance?
Allowing yourself to be imperfect is the greatest liberation you can offer yourself
Why shame never leads to lasting behavioural change and what helps

May 2021

We need to stop believing that our lovability is up for question
Read on to learn about the inspiration for 'Too Big Too Small'; also, as a result of our turbulent times, a special entry of Covid Diary
I both wanted a partner and didn't feel ready for one, because I wanted to lose weight first
Make no assumptions about what any body is talented at or capable of doing
People's sense of fashion or style of dressing, make-up, and accessorising are all deeply personal - and no one else's business