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At Too Big Too Small, my mission is to build a safe space and share resources for people who have experienced body shame and struggle with their self-worth. I would like to extend the invitation to the loved ones and allies of those people who have faced these struggles and are trying to learn how to be more supportive. Come on in :)

The aim for the community is to share stories, bond over our collective hurt, be supportive, provide resources to navigate how we tell our stories and weave our self-worth in our personal and professional lives, and to help each of us heal and love ourselves unconditionally.

At the moment, this is a “one-woman labour of love”. I welcome your stories, suggestions, criticisms, and commentaries.

I have two promises to make to you - 1) I will always choose authenticity, and 2) your worthiness will never be questioned.

I send out posts each Saturday night. I hope you will look forward to these as much as I will.

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A community for people who struggle with body shame and self-worth, and their allies.