Discussion: What are some holistic ways to measure well-being?

Health. Fitness. Wellness. Well-being.

They’re synonymous. We all know that these are important. We have so many cliché quotes around health, and not without reason. It takes you to lose just a bit to truly appreciate how important it is.1

Measurement is considered the first step to progress. The issue, however, is with the chosen metrics. Just as a simplistic question can only beget a simplistic answer, a shallow metric will only lead to shallow progress.

We’re constantly measuring our weights, inches and BMIs, occasionally our triglyceride and HbA1c levels - but what about our levels of loneliness, our playfulness, our self-worth and gratitude, our sense of purpose?

Increasingly these days, people are beginning to realise how factors like sleep, loneliness, play, societies and environment, can play a role in our well-being.

Tell us about your favourite measure of well-being that considers one or more of these important factors. (You can come up with one.)


Case in point - I’m currently under self-isolation due to being covid-positive. Couldn’t muster up enough strength to do a full-length post.